Choosing Between Two Homes To Buy in Brooklyn

  You’ve narrowed your search for a new home in Brooklyn down to two selections. You love both homes equally, but you do not know how to make the final decision. There are many categories that will play into your final decision if you consider everything carefully. Under each category, please decide what is most […]

10 Tips for Staging your Home in Brooklyn

  Some homeowners have a difficult time thinking of their home as a product to be sold while others are unsure of how to improve the appearance on a budget. For those that are ready to get offers as quickly as possible, here is a look at 10 simple tips to stage any home.   […]

10 Paint Colors To Help Sell Your Home

  The first impression of a home is what sells it. When painting the outside of your home consider where you live and the type of house you’re painting. The interior of your home should be up-to-date and attractive. Following is a list of colors and how and where to use them. Green - The lighter […]

How Does House Flipping Works?

Because of a few reality shows involving house flipping, we decided to explain a little more about what goes into that kind of project. If you’re not familiar with house flipping let’s start with the promoting programs. These programs usually span half of an hour. In that episodic space, a purchase is made, a home […]

The Real Estate Market After Hurricane Sandy

Brooklyn/Queens When the Sandy water went down we held our hands up. Because of a dismal economy, a steady unemployment rate and a crisis in the housing market, nobody knew what was going to happen. Linking natural disaster and economic enmity can be a tricky reality. Post Sandy, we’re still trying to understand where we […]

How To Make Your Home Stand Out when Selling

While the real estate market may be healing, it can still be extremely difficult to sell your home in New York.  You need to find a way to set your home apart from all the other places potential buyers have looked at.  It has to be a place that home buyers can imagine living in. […]

$7.9 Million Brownstone in Boerum Hill

    Everyone knows that living in Manhattan is expensive.  They even know that living in Brooklyn can get expensive as well.  You might be surprised, however, to find that certain neighborhoods in Brooklyn are beating out well known areas of New York City such as the Upper East Side.   Boerum Hill is a […]

It’s A Cash Market

  The arena of home buying is forever changing as new trends come to light.  It is stressful trying to keep up, especially considering the state of the current market.  So what’s new in real estate right now?   Well, the new form of currency reigning over home buying is cash.  Before, homeowners would approach […]

Things to do in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn

As one of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn’s newest residents, thanks to Massada Home Sales Inc., I am positively thrilled with my new Brooklyn home and my new urban surroundings.

Property of the Day: 254 Bainbridge Street Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn NY

Neighborhood: This is a delightfully remodeled two family duplex home in the central location of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.  The neighborhood is quite convenient as there are a number of train stations and bus stops all within a quarter of a mile range (between 5 and 10 minutes away).  The block of this beautiful Brooklyn home […]

The Benefits of Buying a Home in Brooklyn

The majority of New York residents live in apartment buildings, and some may never even consider purchasing a home of their own. While owning a Brooklyn house is certainly a large commitment, there are also many benefits to home ownership. If you’re looking for a smart financial decision that will increase your assets, buying a […]

Dog-Friendly Brooklyn

Some Brooklyn neighborhoods are going to the dogs – but in a good way.  In a borough that has over 100,000 licensed dogs, many businesses and amenities have been created just to cater to your pet’s needs.  These days, Brooklyn has a lot of great things to offer dogs, from spa treatments and daycares, to […]

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