10 Tips for Staging your Home in Brooklyn

  Some homeowners have a difficult time thinking of their home as a product to be sold while others are unsure of how to improve the appearance on a budget. For those that are ready to get offers as quickly as possible, here is a look at 10 simple tips to stage any home.   […]

10 Paint Colors To Help Sell Your Home

  The first impression of a home is what sells it. When painting the outside of your home consider where you live and the type of house you’re painting. The interior of your home should be up-to-date and attractive. Following is a list of colors and how and where to use them. Green - The lighter […]

How Does House Flipping Works?

Because of a few reality shows involving house flipping, we decided to explain a little more about what goes into that kind of project. If you’re not familiar with house flipping let’s start with the promoting programs. These programs usually span half of an hour. In that episodic space, a purchase is made, a home […]

What To Look For When Buying or Selling

Are you planning on selling your home?  Or maybe you want to buy one?  If you are, there are some things you should consider first.  You want the best value for your money which means your home needs to look perfect.  More likely than not, the things you are searching for in your new potential […]

Sell Your Brooklyn House – Enlisting the Help of an Agent

If you’re trying to sell your Brooklyn house, you’re not alone.  There are almost eleven thousand homes listed for sale in Brooklyn as of September, 2011.  In other words, you’ll have a hard time standing out.  Many people start trying to sell their home by listing it online or setting out a for sale sign, […]

Tips for Selling Your Brooklyn Home

When it comes to selling a home in Brooklyn, there is good news and bad news. As of July 2011, home sales increased five percent in the Brooklyn, New York area. However, home values remain lower than they were a year ago. The average sale price of a Brooklyn home was $515,000 which represents a […]

Tips for Preparing Your Home For Sale

Every seller wants their home to sell quickly. This can prove challenging especially in today’s housing market. Although the New York Times reported that the housing market was rebounding in Brooklyn, house values continue to drop. As of July 2011, the median sale price for a home in the area is $515,000 which is $10,000 […]

Tips for Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Brooklyn

Although Brooklyn is the second largest borough in New York City, people are still having a tough time selling their homes in this weak economy. Many people think they can save money by selling their homes themselves. However, working with a real estate agent to sell your house in Brooklyn is a better idea. Not […]

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